Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Got Dressed ... For the 4th of July

We have a stupid saying in my family whenever July 4th rolls around ... "Well, summer's over." 

Of course, summer is not anywhere close to being over but for some reason the fourth always seems to bring a strange finality with it.  Like all the hype and excitement of the approaching summer season has hit its peak and the following two months just plateau.  I don't know.

Anyhoo, the fourth never fails to produce the ever popular wardrobe challenge.  Who can pull together the BEST red, white, and blue ensemble? Or in my family, who can find the cheesiest Americana t-shirt for under $10?  My brother-in-law always seems to win that one.  As for me, I hate conformity when it comes to apparel.  Most years you'll find me wearing purple on the Fourth of July.  But ever since having a child I feel the need to "play along" for her sake.  

I wasn't about to go shopping for a new Independence Day outfit, that's for sure.  So I started digging (literally) through my closet with every intent of just throwing on another purple shirt and calling it a day when surprisingly I found this very old but very cute top I had completely forgotten about.  

The perfect color scheme (minus blue).

Very hoedown.

 A cutesy flutter sleeve

Shirt: Target (at least 6 years ago!)
Shorts: La Redoute (at least 8 years ago!)  I like these shorts because they're not too short.  I just can't do short shorts anymore.
Shoes: Kohl's (here)

And on a different note but still sticking with the summer apparel topic, how are you ladies feeling about the swimsuits this year?  Is anyone else super excited to see more vintage inspired suits?  I love them!

Check out my Facebook post to read about my new favorite retro suits!

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