Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Got Dressed ... For a Birthday Party

I was heading out to celebrate my BFF's 30-something birthday.  A very chilled atmosphere with drinks, yummies, and giggles (we never grow up, right?).  I could have easily donned a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt but hey, I'll take any excuse to get at least a little dolled up.  Anyhoo, again my pics are not the greatest (still working on my DSLR skills) so it's difficult to see the pattern of my white top.  Oh well.  I'm just going with it.  

 It's all in the details - killer zippers!

If you squint hard enough you may be able to see the pattern of my shirt.

Shirts: Target (last year) ~ I'm wearing two.  A lacy patterned tank over a cap sleeved scoop neck tee.
Pants: Old Navy (here) ~ The softest pants I own besides my PJs.  I really should order these in long but there's something charming about ankle length pants.
Shoes: Target (here) ~ A lot of reviews online complaining about these being painful to wear.  I did not experience this, however I only wore them lightly for a few hours.
Iridescent Ring: Target (a billion years old) ~ Found this little gem in the clearance bin and even though it now has a chip in it, I still adore it.
Headband (even though you can't see it): Walgreens (here) ~ These came in a 4 pack by Scunci.  Little cheapies but perfect for that extra touch and the tiny teeth keep them in my hair too.  I swear I wore the exact same kind when I was eight.

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