Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Did It: Wipe-Off Menu

DIY projects must adhere to the following criteria if they are bound to stand a chance in my Wanna-Be-A-Craftstar world:

  • Child-like Ease: I have no time/patience/tears to waste on artsy-fartsy frustration
  • Cheap: Seeing that I am liable to make at least 3 mistakes per project, this one is important 
  • Chic: Regardless of my refusal to put too much energy into a project, I am a brat and still expect the thing to be stylish and mod
  • Husband-Friendly: "HONEY!  I found this GREAT idea on Pinterest!  Will you build it for me?!"

With that being said, the following project was perfect for me.  I have to admit though, as easy as this was, it was actually my second go at it.  The first time I made this menu I used a background paper that was too busy and my alphabet sticker choice was lame-o.  It irritated the heck out of me and thus, DO OVER!  I'm much happier with this version.

Wipe-Off Menu
(Click HERE to see original Pinterest link)

1. Any 12 x 12 frame will do.  I chose this one from Target.

2. 12 x 12 scrapbook paper of your choice.  I really love this one.

3. Alphabet stickers (similar here) and a Vis-a-Vis marker (here).  

4. If this will be sitting on your counter, a sturdy frame stand is needed.  I couldn't find anything strong enough at the store so my hubby was gracious enough to build one for me.  However, this may work.

And .... Badda Boom, Badda Bing!

I love this because it keeps me organized and frazzle-free when dinner time rolls around
Just wipe off with a damp towel and reuse again and again and again!

I'm always on the hunt for easy (but CUTE) projects that fit my DIY For Dummies criteria!  What crafts have you got up your sleeve?  Do share!