Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Birchbox: March

WOW!  Talk about a HUGE difference between last month's Birchbox and this month's.  March was a total score compared to the snooze fest from February.  I had oodles of fun with this month's box and liked just about everything in it.

1. Nick Chavez Sulfate-Free Shampoo:  I had no clue what sulfate-free shampoo was until I looked it up.  Supposedly it cleanses color-treated hair without being too harsh or stripping.  I really didn't notice much difference but then again I don't pay much attention to shampoo.  Just clean my hair please.  This was nice but it had a slight chemical smell (ironic).

2. Nick Chavez Paraben-Free Conditioner: I'm very careful with conditioner because I have baby fine hair and not a lot of it.  If I use too much conditioner I'm liable to look like a wilted flower.  Therefore, I only used a pea-sized amount of this stuff and it was very effective.  I actually liked it more than the shampoo.  I would only use it a couple times a week though.

3, 4, 5. Caldrea Body Lotion: A very nice lotion that soaked into the skin completely and quickly without leaving that annoying sticky/filmy feeling.  Now let's discuss the scents I received:
~ Aloe Water Apricot: This smelled like an old lady ... in a bad way.  I should have guessed from the name alone.
~ Tea Olive Lime: Crisp and clean but overall not entirely memorable.
~ Coconut Fig Leaf: I was instantly transported to a sandy beach vacation on a tropical island.  Sold!  Best scent of the three by far.

6. MAKE Matte Finish Eyeshadow: I received this little cutie in Cement which is a great gray hue with a hint of green.  Very wearable and long-lasting.  Good stuff.

7. MAKE Face Primer SPF 30: This was my favorite product this month.  I use moisturizer but have never experimented with primers.  I loved it!  It kept my skin soft and the best part was it created a nice base for my make-up.  My make-up looked better with this underneath.  Coolio.

8. Madewell Nail Emery Board: Adorable!  I love the large size of this nail file as well as the Grandma-Chic floral pattern.  Delightful!

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For those who subscribe, how did you enjoy your March Birchbox of goodies?  Any suggestions for other good primers out there (I'm very interested)?  How do you feel about the new wave of sulfate-free products?  A must or just a phase?  Would love to hear your opinions.  Do share!