Sunday, April 28, 2013

My First Adult Furniture

Before you have visions of vibrating beds let me explain the title of this post.  According to the Urban Dictionary website, adult furniture refers to the pieces a young twenty-something purchases after graduating from college.

Well, let's see ... it's been a decade since I graduated college (Oy!) and I am now in the thirty-something category. Needless to say, it took me a little bit longer to get my first adult furniture.  After first inheriting my husband's "bachelor furniture" and then picking up many "transition" pieces (code word for cheap) that have all been subjected to food stains, dog hair, and baby spit-up (man, we sound like slobs) it was high time to get some real stuff.  We decided to start with the all-important king of any living space, the couch (or sofa as my mother would term it).

The search began earlier this year with a good-intentioned trip to JC Penney's.  We were there for a total of 7 minutes when we realized it was a total bust ... and for many reasons.  I really can't talk about it.  It was that bad.  Let's just say the flashbacks of being draaaaaagged through nauseatingly lit department stores as a small child combined with the oddly inappropriate BLARING of techno music and a lack of service was enough to have me running out of the place in tears.  Instead, I had a fit of hysterical giggles and we had to leave.  Oh yeah, and the furniture was terrible.  JCP, what the heck happened to you???

Our journey then led us to the other extreme of furniture scavenging ... Pottery Barn.  Ironically, we lasted an identical 7 minutes in this store as well but for very different reasons.  Too much frill.  Too many toothy saleswomen breathing down our necks.  Too many expectations that we simply had no interest in living up to.  So sorry PB but the Giras just can't conform to your perfect-ness.

It was at this point that we faced what we knew all along.  The only store we KNEW would be the right fit for us was Crate & Barrel.  Simple.  Modern.  No fuss.  Us.  We tried putting it off because the only store in our area is almost an hour away and we are just plain lazy.  Yes, I said it.  L-A-Z-Y.  Sad, but true.  But we sucked it up and made a day of it and of course found the perfect couch.

Our tushes and my adult ego have been happy ever since.

Couch: Crate & Barrel Davis 2-Piece Sectional in Graphite
Flowered Pillow: Homegoods (old)
Striped Pillows: Target (here)
Throw: Homegoods (new)

The new couch reignited my inspiration for our family room and I found some other fun goodies along the way.

Flowered Vase: Homegoods (new)
Hourglass: Homegoods (new)
Fake Plant: Homegoods (old)

Next up for this room:
  • A collage of wall hangings using ceiling medallions - has anyone done this???  HELP!
  • A newly constructed (and much prettier) return air register cover - hubby's working on this one...

I'm going to go curl up on my new couch and act like a real adult now.