Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just Can't Get Enough: April

Lots of upbeat tunes running through my ears this month.  I'm still craving soulful rock, 80's influences, and southern blues.  I'm certain I always will.  Take a listen!

1. Keep On Swinging by Rival Sons: Yes, puh-lease!  This song simply ooooozes coolness.  Every time I listen to it I feel like a bad ass.  This is what rock should sound like.  Always.  The singing is delicious.  Note-to-self: Download more Rival Sons and listen to it every day for good music health.  

2. Panic Station by Muse:  This is one of those bands that just keeps getting better and better.  I'm obsessed with their fresh 80's flavored sound.  Everything sounds so tight.  This song has certain guitar pieces that remind me of Bowie's Fame which of course makes me love it even more.  And the horns!  God bless horn sections (especially in alternative rock songs).

3. Anna Sun by Walk the Moon:  There is something so quirky and jolly about this song.  The video is delightful in every way - so loose, effortless, and nerdy-cool.  Me likey.

4. Can't Let Go by Heidi Newfield: I don't typically "do" country.  When I first heard this song, "country" didn't even come to mind.  All I heard was this achy bluesy sound which I've been gravitating toward a lot lately.  Newfield's sexy tone creates a yummy melody with the perfect amount of grit and sass.  Yee Haw!

5. Stompa by Serena Ryder: This song is just plain infectious.  The lyrics are simple.  The beat is simple.  There's nothing complicated here but I think that's partly why I enjoy it so.  I can't help but bounce along and "Stompa my feet."    

What's sparking your musical fancy this month?  I LOVE discovering new tunes so do share!