Friday, March 22, 2013

Right On Target

I'm not at all ashamed to admit my obsession with all things Target.  Considering how much money I spend at this store alone in a given month is reason enough to buy stock in the place.  Ah, but I shouldn't get ahead of myself. The only thing I have on my mind right now is SPRING!  And for all you fellow Northerners out there, you know that the new season has not been kind.  Sigh.  But that's where my good friend, Target comes along and makes life just a little bit better...and brighter!  

Below are a few magical items I could not leave the store without.  As you can see I am craaaaaaving citrus-y colors like nobody's business.  Anything that offsets the dirty snow patched grass gets a gold star in my book.   

1. Orange Polka Dot Cardigan: Super duper soft and nice and long (this is always a bonus for tall chicks like me). The shade of orange is a perfect sherbet.  This will look adorable with dark denim jeans rolled at the ankle and flats.
2. Ankle Pant: I like that these are fitted for a more tailored look but contain spandex to maintain comfort and move-ability.  Can easily be dressed "up" for work or "down" for playing.   I really wanted these in red but they didn't have my size.  I just may have to go to another store to snag them.
3. Lace Yolk Top: I'm majorly crushing on anything with lace.  This top is like confection.  I purchased the "white sand" color which is definitely a cream, not white.  I love creamy lace because it screams vintage.
4. Mad Love Canvas Shoe: Best. Shoes. Ever.  Perfectly comfortable and have the ability to be dressed up with khakis or down with jeans.  The tiny side button is adorable times ten.  I bought them in silver cloud and wear them at least once a week.  I almost had heart palpitations when I saw the gazillion different color options for these shoes.  I had to simply close my eyes and walk away before I bought every pair.  I may be a bit naughty though and sneak back for one more pair ... just one.
5. Sunglasses: Found these cuties hiding out in the clearance bin.  Snatched them up for under $5!  I always wear brown framed sunglasses.  Always.  These white frames were just begging to be added to my spring spree.  The geometric pattern feels very retro and I can never get enough retro.
6. Gray and Yellow V-Neck Cardigan: Another yummy sweater!  I'm hooked on the trendy yellow/gray color combo. The lemony (almost neon-ish) hue of this yellow is right on without being too much.  I don't wear yellow well (fair skinned girl woe #47) but this one is very wearable and very fresh.

Alas!  I cannot have it all.  The following beauties will remain on my wish list ... for now.

1. Denim Blazer: Oooh!  I'm picturing this paired with a pair of white shorts for summertime.
2. Drops Necklace: The color combo here is absolutely delish!  This would look great with the denim blazer.
3. Floral Blouse: This is what I call "Grandma Chic" and I love it to pieces.
4. Gray Satchel Bag: The rough polka dots give this lady-like bag an edge and the light gray color would go with a variety of attire.
5. Patent Mary Jane: I have a soft spot in my fashion heart for Mary Janes.  They are so charming and timeless.  I particularly like this style because of the lower heel (tall girl woe # 32 - I have a lot of woes).  The blush color is perfectly pretty.

What are your current Target treasures and wishes this month?  Do share!