Friday, May 24, 2013

Birchbox: April

Whoa.  I am waaaaay behind with my Birchbox reviews.  Despite my sluggish responses to last month's products, it was another great box sponsored by Women's Health magazine.

1. Oribe Beautiful Color Shampoo and Conditioner: This stuff smells GREAT!  Without the lovely scent it would just be another shampoo to me.  I haven't tried the conditioner yet because of my conditioner resistance issues (baby fine hair + conditioner = flat and unhappy hair).  But I'm sure it smells just as nice.

2. Mirenesse Glossy Kiss: Perfect!  By far my favorite product in the box.  I received this lipstick in Quick Kiss which is a very pretty orange-red - think poppy.  The color is very on trend right now and brightens up my face.  The pencil format of this lipstick is easy to apply and helps me control the color.  I would buy this in more shades!

3. Supergoop Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream: I have come to accept that I am at that age where I need to start paying more attention to the delicate skin around my eyes.  I can get a bit dry around my eyes and this cream was terrific for combating that.  Very smooth and gentle, this cream left the skin under my eyes feeling soft and non-greasy.  My eyes appeared slightly brighter and fresher upon waking after the previous night's application. Supergoop is super!

4. Skin & Co. Sicilian Body Gel:  Maybe it was the whole Sicilian name that was throwing me off but I kept having visions of a withered (and weathered) old babe bathing with this stuff.  The smell was GROSS!  Shortly after using it I crawled into bed and my husband took a few quick sniffs and asked, "What the hell did you put on?"  My thoughts exactly.  I'll have to try to pawn this one off.

5. Kusmi Tea Paris:  I love tea.  However, I have yet to try these samples.  I prefer my tea during the colder months so it may be a while before I take a sip.  At a whopping $25 per assortment I expect them to be life-altering.

Any Birchbox babes out there?  How did you enjoy your April samples?
Any eye cream users out there?  What brand do you use and love?  I think I need to work this type of product into my nightly routine but without breaking the bank.  Please share your suggestions!