Friday, May 31, 2013

I Got Dressed ... For a BBQ

It wasn't just a plain ol' BBQ.  It was a special get-together for close friends who were revealing the gender of their second baby-to-be and I was feeling the love.  Therefore, I just had to wear my heart on my sleeve chest.  I was also feeling some very strong girl vibes and so the pink color was perfect.  

 Shirt: Aeropostale (no longer available) The heart is chiffon!
Under Cami: Target (old)
Boyfriend Capris: Target (old) Loose and oh so comfy!
Flip Flops: Target (old) Disco flashy - gotta love it.
ID Bracelet: SUPER OLD!  My mom gave this to me back in middle school.  Still love it.

Oh and by the way ... I totally called it.  They're having a girl!